Awel Deg/Cardigan Fair Wind is a local cooperative that aims to help Cardigan become as self-reliant in energy as possible by creating community-owned renewable energy projects.

We believe that there are huge benefits to be had for Cardigan and the surrounding communities from developing the naturally available energy sources. All across Europe communities like ours in Germany, Spain, Scotland and throughout the UK are harnessing the potential of renewable energy.

We are extremely fortunate that Wales has huge amounts of renewable energy waiting to be tapped. Those of us who live along the coast in West Wales know full well just how much wind energy is available!

We believe that people in Cardigan should receive the economic benefits of renewable energy, not outside companies. The huge benefit of projects such as ours is that they are locally controlled for and by the community to deliver things that local people need.

Dave G

David Gillam

Runs a small business from Ferwig programming cinemas and film festivals throughout Wales and the Borders.

photo of me for website

Sarah Wright

I’ve lived, worked and raised my children in the area for more than 25 years, I’m now nearing retirement and grow vegetables on my allotment. I have a long-term commitment to projects that enrich the community and protect the environment.

Brian Mark

Is a director of 4CG the Cardigan Community Enterprise Company and is an engineer specialising in sustainable development and renewable energy.

Liz Rogers

New Zealander Liz Rogers enjoys living here and carlessly walking everywhere